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TAGETES (TAG-e-teez or ta-JEE-teez)
COMPOSITAE. 'MARIGOLDS'. Well-known annuals and perennials grown for their showy flowers, attractive foliage, for flavoring and medicine, or nematode and weed control. Easily grown in ordinary well-drained soil and full sun. Keep flowers picked to keep bushy and prolong bloom. Sow where they are to stand or early indoors in pots. Germinates in about a week, some of the species taking up to 6 weeks.
—Tagetes filifolia. (100) TAGE-9. Packet: $2.50
'IRISH LACE'. Neat 6" mounds of bright emerald-green finely divided thread-like foliage with a pleasant sweet anise scent. Tiny white flowers in late summer and fall. México. Useful as edging. Self-sows. Used as flavoring. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks.
—Tagetes multiflora?. (50) TAGE-16. Packet: $4.00

'HUACATAY', 'CHIQCHIPA'. Small orange marigolds from tubular red buds, in clusters on an annual or perennial to 1 - 2 feet. Attractive feathery leaves with a strong anise-like scent. From seed collected at 11,500 feet in Peru. Zone 9. Stands extremely dry conditions, and attracts pollinators and repels nematodes. A popular condiment in the Andes, and used as a digestive tea. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
Tagetes patula 'Nematode Control'. (300) TAGE-19N. Packet: $2.00
Ounce: $5.00, 1/4 pound: $11.00

Developed as natural control for nematodes, the small bright orange flowers bloom all summer while the roots are producing compounds that prevent hatching of nematode eggs. Grow as a cover crop, and till into the soil when done blooming. To 3 feet.
Tagetes patula 'Red Cherry'. (300) TAGE-19RC. Packet: $2.00
Ounce: $5.00, 1/4 pound: $11.00

'FRENCH MARIGOLD'. Eye-catching flowers, the petals are deep red above, golden yellow below. Blooms profusely for weeks. Hardy annual to 10", good for borders, containers, and planting among vegetables for pest control. Attracts beneficial insects.

PORTULACEAE. 'FAME FLOWER'. Small annuals and perennials with delicate flowers. Good in rock gardens, borders and as foliage plants. Most stand heat and drought. Most germinate readily in 6 - 20 days, though some may take up to 140 days.
—Talinum paniculatum. (=patens) (200) TALI-50. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
'JEWELS OF OPAR'. Dainty pink five-petaled 1/2" flowers in airy 10" panicles. Half hardy perennial to 2 feet, with 3" somewhat succulent leaves, growing from a tuberous root. SE U.S. Best in sandy, well-drained soil. Leaves edible. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

"Sooner or later you're gonna hafta face up to them... the fact is, you know too much already... you're no ignoramus... you know what they're doing all over the world is terribly, terribly wrong!"
—R. Crumb.

COMPOSITAE. Aromatic annuals and perennials grown for ornament, seasoning and medicine. Easy in most soils. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks and seed is viable 3 years.
—Tanacetum Balsamita. (=Chrysanthemum Balsamita) (100) TANA-2. Packet: $2.50
'COSTMARY', 'ALECOST'. Sweet, minty-balsamic scented leaves and tiny white and yellow daisies. Hardy perennial to 2 - 3 feet. W. Asia. Zone 3 or 4. Easy in a dry, warm place. The sweet balsamic leaves are put into salads, made into a pleasant tea, were used to flavor ale, and were placed among linens and in potpourris. Medicinal. Germinates in a week.
—Tanacetum Parthenium: See Chrysanthemum Parthenium.

—Tanacetum vulgare. (1000) TANA-8. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $15.00
'TANSY', 'GOLD-BUTTONS'. Bright yellow 1/4 - 1/2" rayless disk-flowers in dense, flat-topped clusters from July to September. Hardy aromatic perennial to 3 - 5 feet, with dark green ferny foliage. Europe. Zone 4. The bitter, aromatic leaves are used in sausages, puddings and omelets, 'apple-tansy', and as a spring tonic. Many medicinal uses. Tales of toxicity stem from overdoses of concentrated extracts, not the ordinary use of the fresh leaves in cooking. Was used to brew ale, repel flies and make a green dye.

TARAXACUM (ta-RAX-a-kum)
COMPOSITAE. North Hemisphere plants with rosettes of leaves and attractive flowers. The rock garden types need well-drained gravelly soil.
—Taraxacum albidum. (25) TARA-4. Packet: $3.50

'WHITE DANDELION'. 'Pure white 1 3/4" flowers with golden centers, May to October. Hardy perennial to a foot tall. Japan, Korea, Zone 3.
—Taraxacum pseudoroseum. (25) TARA-72. Packet: $4.00
1/4 gram: $10.00, Gram: $30.00

'PINK DANDELION'. Beautiful pink flowers shading to apricot centers, in summer. Hardy perennial to 1 foot. Central Asia. Zone 3. Early bloom. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

TECOMA (te-KO-ma)
BIGNONIACEAE. Showy subtropical and tropical shrubs and trees grown in California and the South for their spectacular bloom. Drought-resistant and easily grown from seed.
Tecoma stans. (50) TECO-22. Packet: $2.50
'YELLOW BELLS', 'YELLOW ELDER', 'FLOR DE SAN PEDRO', 'TROVADORA'. Showy, fragrant bright yellow 1 1/2" bells in large clusters at the branch-tips. Blooms profusely over a long season. Evergreen shrub or small tree to 6 - 20 feet, with pinnate leaves. Texas to S. America. Good bee plant giving much honey, and is visited by hummingbirds. The wood was used for bows by the Indians. "The value of this shrub... cannot be overestimated."—Rehder. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks warm.

SAXIFRAGACEAE. 'FRINGE CUP'. Pretty herbaceous perennials of Western America. Related to Mitella. Good in the rock garden, wild garden or border. Valued plants in Europe, neglected here. Germinates in a month at cool temperatures, with light. Gibberellic acid also gives excellent germination.
—Tellima grandiflora. (1000) TELL-20. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50, 5 grams: $20.00
Click for photo » Tellima.jpg (29089 bytes)

'FALSE ALUM-ROOT', 'FRINGE CUPS'. Charming bell-shaped flowers open green, then turn pink or red, the petals finely divided and fringed. Hardy perennial to 2 - 3 feet, with downy, roundish 4" leaves. California to Alaska. Likes moist shaded spots. "The petals are inconspicuous at a distance; but when closely examined, reveal a delicacy and beauty of form entirely unsuspected."—Parsons. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks, best in light.

TELOXYS (tel-OX-ees)
CHENOPODIACEAE. A single species.
—Teloxys aristata 'Sea Foam'. (500) TELX-1. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
Interesting hardy annual to 10", with moss-like, intricately-branched green foliage, and tiny flowers that turn reddish, giving the whole plant a red glow. Central Asian deserts. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

TEUCRIUM (TOO-kree-um)
LABIATAE. Ornamental summer-blooming perennials and tiny shrubs grown in the border and rock garden. Many are aromatic and medicinal. Tough plants, standing poor, rocky soil and drought.
—Teucrium Chamaedrys. (50) TEUC-10. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $8.00
'GERMANDER'. Showy rosy pink 3/4" flowers in loose spikes on a hardy compact rhizomatous shrublet to 1 foot tall, With 3/4" leaves. Europe. Zone 4. Attracts bees. The flowers have been likened to miniature orchids. Medicinal. Germinates in 2 - 3 weeks.
—Teucrium hyrcanicum. (250) TEUC-15. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
Click for photo » Teucrium hyrcanicum 1.jpg (100726 bytes) Teucrium hyrcanicum 3.jpg (117431 bytes)
Showy dense 4 - 12" spikes of red-purple flowers in summer. Hardy perennial to 2 1/2 feet, with downy green leaves. W. Asia. Zone 5. Germinates in 1 week.
—Teucrium Marum. (250) TEUC-16. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
Click for photo » Teucrium Marum4.jpg (108175 bytes) Teucrium Marum Cat.jpg (106975 bytes)
CAT THYME'. Aromatic shrublet to 18", with large, purplish-pink 1 - 3" flowers and tiny fragrant leaves. Mediterranean. Zone 9. Strongly attracts cats. My barn cats go crazy for this and pester me when I'm filling packets. Give GA-3 to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Teucrium orientale. (25) TEUC-60. Packet: $2.50

Blue 3/4" flowers in large clusters in summer. Perennial shrublet to 16", with divided leaves. Eastern Mediterranean. Zone 7.

LEGUMINOSAE. Easily grown drought resistant hardy perennials with lupine-like flowers. Good in full sun in the border. Nick and soak seed.
Thermopsis montana. (20) THER-18. Packet: $2.50
'GOLDEN PEA', 'BUFFALO PEA'. Golden yellow inch-long flowers in spikes up to 10" long. Hardy perennial to 2 feet. W. U.S. Zone 4. Nick.

"Every living object has individuality."
—L. H. Bailey.

THESPESIA (thes-PE-zee-a)
MALVACEAE. Tropical trees and shrubs valued for their showy flowers. Good street tree in tropics.
—Thespesia populnea. (20) THES-16. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $7.50

'PORTIA TREE'. Yellow bell-shaped 2 - 3" flowers with red or purple centers, changing to orange or purple in a day. Woody inch-wide pods. Small tree to 20 - 50 feet, with heart-shaped glossy leaves and thick, corrugated bark. Pantropical. Flowers most of the year. Hard, beautifully grained wood, said to smell of roses when freshly cut. Young leaves edible, flowers eaten raw, and the fruits preserved. Zone 10.  Nick seed to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.

THUNBERGIA (thun-BER-jee-a)
ACANTHACEAE. Tender climbers or shrubs, with showy, funnel-shaped flowers. Best in rich moist soil and a warm sheltered spot, or in the greenhouse. Start seed early for early bloom.
—Thunbergia alata White. (25) THUN-1W. Packet: $3.00
10 grams: $20.00, 100 grams: $150.00
'WHITE BLACK-EYED SUSAN'. Large white flowers with a dark eye.

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."—A. France.

LABIATAE. Several low aromatic shrubs.
—Thymbra spicata. (50) THYB-12. Packet: $2.50
5 grams: $10.00

'ZA'ATAR HOMMAR', 'SPIKED THYME'. Dark pink 1/2" flowers in 4" spikes in spring and summer. Small shrub to 1 foot, with narrow inch-long leaves. Greece to Israel. Zone 8. Likes full sun and dry areas. Has a delicious oregano/thyme flavor, and is used in making za'atar, an essential Middle Eastern condiment. Young shoots added to herb cheese in Turkey. Medicinal, reduces cholesterol and is liver-protecting. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks warm.
Article on the cholesterol-reducer, antioxidant and liver protective effects:

THYMUS (TI-mus or THY-mus)
LABIATAE. 'THYME'. Aromatic tiny shrubs or perennials, several hundred Eurasian species. Good in the rock garden, for edging, groundcover and fragrance. Easily grown in full sun and well-drained soil, doing well in dry, rocky places. The classification of the cultivated kinds is totally confused. Germinates in 5 - 87 days at cool to warm temperatures. Seed viable 2 - 7 years.
—Thymus longiflorus. (100) THYM-15. Packet: $2.50
Purple-pink tubular flowers in heads. Hardy perennial to 8", with aromatic, narrow grey foliage. Spain. Zone 5. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Thymus Mastichina. (125) THYM-16. Packet: $3.00
'MASTIC THYME', 'SPANISH MARJORAM'. Aromatic shrublet to 6 - 12", with round heads of tiny white flowers and small green leaves. Spain and Portugal. Zone 6. Used for seasoning.
—Thymus praecox. (250) THYM-18. Packet: $2.50
'CREEPING THYME'. Dense heads of pink flowers in summer, held above low mats of tiny leaves. Europe. Zone 4. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Thymus pulegioides. (500) THYM-20. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
'MOTHER OF THYME'. Tiny mauve 1/4" flowers in heads on a hardy fragrant dwarf shrublet to 4 - 14" tall, with tiny leaves. Europe. Zone 4. Attracts bees and makes a nice ground cover. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Thymus vulgaris 'German Winter'. (1000) THYM-24W. Packet: $2.50
1/4 Ounce: $7.50, Ounce: $15.00, 1/4 Pound: $50.00
Broad-leaved variety which can stand frost.
'GARDEN THYME'. Tiny lilac or purplish flowers on a small shrublet to 6 - 15" tall. Western Mediterranean. Zone 7. A popular culinary herb and much valued for edging. Excellent in soups, stews, sausages stuffings, herb vinegars, baked goods, etc. Good honey plant. Valued since ancient times as a powerful medicine, it is mentioned by Pliny, Virgil and others. Thymol, from the oil, is antiseptic and a powerful miticide. Crushed thyme sprinkled in beehives kills varroa mites, and soaked in olive oil is the best remedy for ear mites in pets; superior to commercial remedies. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Thymus Zygis. (250) THYM-28. Packet: $2.50
'SPANISH THYME'. White flowers on a low shrublet to a foot tall, with aromatic evergreen foliage. Spain. Zone 7. Much used in cooking. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks.

"The earth belongs to the living, not the dead."—
Thomas Jefferson.

TITHONIA (ti-THO-nee-a)
COMPOSITAE. 'MEXICAN SUNFLOWER'. Showy robust tender annuals and perennials from tropical America, grown for their large, sunflower-like flowers. Good in the greenhouse and in the back border in California and the South. Heat and drought resistant, but needs good drainage. Good in poor soil and full sun. Best sown indoors 6 - 8 weeks before last frost. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks. Space 24".
—Tithonia speciosa 'Torch'. (50) TITH-22T. Packet: $2.00
Ounce: $6.00, 1/4 Pound: $12.00
'MEXICAN SUNFLOWER'. Brilliant orange 3 - 4" wide flowers on tall, vigorous plants to 4 feet. Large, bold, often 3-lobed velvety leaves. Central America. Blooms July to frost, excellent for cutting. Drought resistant, good in desert gardens.

SAXIFRAGACEAE. A single species.
—Tolmiea Menziesii. (500) TOLM-1. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
Click for photo » Tolmea.jpg (114254 bytes)
'PIGGYBACK PLANT', 'THOUSAND MOTHERS', 'YOUTH-ON-AGE'. Small reddish-brown flowers in airy 6 - 10" spikes on 1 - 2 foot stems in May and June. Large lobed 4" leaves form a new plant at the leaf-stem. Shade-loving perennial from the moist Pacific coast. Zone 6. Good ground cover in shade, or as a hanging basket houseplant. Germinates in 1 - 4 months warm.

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