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ABUTILON (a-BOO-ti-lon)
MALVACEAE. Attractive tender shrubs grown for their beautiful flowers and handsome foliage. Good in the greenhouse or outdoors in California and the South. Best in loose well-drained soil. Treat like geraniums or fuchsias, they make nice pot plants.
—Abutilon Hybridum Mixed. (50) ABUT-10X. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $15.00
Click for photos » Abutilon Hybridum Flower 1.jpg (77291 bytes) Abutilon Hybridum Pink.jpg (40506 bytes)
'FLOWERING MAPLE'. Nodding bell-shaped 2 - 3" flowers in pastels shades of orange, red, white, and pink. Arching shrub to 10 feet, with broad maple-like leaves. Main bloom period in spring, but some colors are almost everblooming. Makes a nice tub plant in the North, and can be pinched to keep compact. Zone 8. Easy from seed, germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Abutilon vitifolium. (25) ABUT-46. Packet: $3.50
Gram: $12.00
Large blue and white mallow-like 2 - 3 1/2" wide flowers. Half hardy shrub or small tree to 1 1/2 - 3 feet in cultivation, to 25 feet in the wild. Lobed 6" leaves. Coastal Chile. Said to be hardy to Zone 7. Good in the cool greenhouse. Choice. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.

ACACIA (a-KAY-sha)
LEGUMINOSAE. Some 1200 warm-region species of great ecological and evolutionary interest. Their earliest fossils are in North America, from where they expanded to worldwide, with an Australian center of diversity. Many species remain to be discovered. Some of the endangered endemics are now common in cultivation and are naturalized in safe new habitats. Highly ornamental, drought resistant, and should be grown by everyone living in warm climates. Excellent in pots in the cool greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. They produce timber, fuelwood, dyes, tannins, medicinals, gums, forage, food, perfume, are nitrogen-fixing, soil stabilizing, diversifying, and have been used by man since the Neolithic. Elegant puff-like flowers and either feathery pinnate foliage or the leaves reduced to flat phyllodes. Fast growing, free blooming and ranging from tiny shrubs to tall trees. Best in areas with 18°F minimum temperature, though some stand some snow. Full sun and well-drained soil. Plant out early. Most have very long lived seed. Nick and soak to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks, unless noted otherwise. Zone 9 unless noted otherwise. Smoke treatment may help germination.
For pushing the hardiness limits, try: boormannii, dealbata, melanoxylon, penninervis and pravissima. Other fairly hardy species: baileyana, decurrens, farnesiana, longifolia, and angustissima.
For growing in pots, try: baileyana, brachybotrya, burkitti, Drummondii, farnesiana, glaucoptera, granitica, Greggii, lineata, macradenia, longissima, complanata, mucronata, obtusifolia, Sophorae, suaveolens, triptera, uncinata, and victoriae.
For species closely related to the ever-popular but currently unavailable alpina and phlebophylla, why not try: floribunda, longifolia, longissima, mucronata, obtusifolia, Sophorae, and triptera.
—Acacia arabica. (25) ACAC-6. Packet: $2.50
'GUM ARABIC TREE', 'BABUL'. Sweetly fragrant bright yellow flower balls and feathery bipinnate leaves. Thorny rounded tree to 30 feet or so. Africa to India. Zone 9. Stands severe drought and flooding, saline soil, good for land reclamation. Excellent firewood, used for tools, and the leaves and pods are nutritious fodder. Bark used for tanning and medicine, and is a source of gum arabic.
—Acacia Baileyana. (50) ACAC-10. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $9.00
Click for photos » Acacia Baileyana 4.jpg (208179 bytes) Acacia Baileyana.jpg (75889 bytes)
'COOTAMUNDRA WATTLE', 'GOLDEN MIMOSA'. Spectacular masses of fragrant golden flowers in January and February, almost covering the tree. Feathery blue-grey bipinnate foliage on a small compact tree with arching growth, to 30 feet. One of the hardiest, Zone 8, and tolerates most any soil and full sun to part shade. Native to only a few stands in New South Wales, Australia, and would be endangered if not in cultivation, a fine example of garden preservation. Nick seed.
—Acacia Baileyana var. purpurea. (25) ACAC-10P. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $12.00, 1/4 Pound: $50.00
'PURPLE-LEAVED COOTAMUNDRA WATTLE'. Young foliage tinged purple. Prized. Nick seed.
—Acacia dealbata. (=decurrens) (50) ACAC-30. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $12.00
Click for photo » AcaciaDealbata.jpg (135659 bytes)
'SILVER WATTLE'. Profuse bloomer forming a mass of bright yellow fragrant flowers in late winter. Elegant silvery green feathery foliage. Fast growing adaptable tree to 50 - 100 feet. SE Australia. Zone 8. One of the hardiest, standing considerable snow and low temperatures. Grown for perfumery, fuelwood, tannin, gum production and florist material. Nick seed.
—Acacia Farnesiana. (25) ACAC-48. Packet: $2.50
'PERFUME ACACIA', 'HUISACHE', 'CASSIE'. Highly fragrant deep yellow flowers on a small spiny tree to 10 - 20 feet. Feathery bipinnate foliage. Pantropical. Zone 8. Good in hot deserts. Grown in S. France for perfume manufacture. Bark used for tanning, pods for black ink and dye, yields a gum and has hard, tough wood. Medicinal, and the flowers are considered aphrodisiac and insecticidal. Excellent in the greenhouse, blooming most of the year. Nick seed.
—Acacia Maidenii. (25) ACAC-88. Packet: $2.50
Click for photo » Acacia Maidenii2.jpg (86632 bytes) Acacia Maidenii.jpg (134364 bytes)
'MAIDEN'S WATTLE'. Rare and beautiful upright shrub with pale yellow spikes of flowers. Narrow 3 - 8" leaves, coiled and twisted 5" pods. E. Australia. Blooms late summer to late autumn. Fast growing, becoming a dense-crowned small tree to 50 feet. Good landscape material for warm regions. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks warm.
—Acacia melanoxylon. (50) ACAC-90. Packet: $2.00
1/2 Ounce: $8.00 BULK OUT OF STOCK - packets are still available
'BLACKWOOD ACACIA', 'MOOEYANG' (aboriginal name). Creamy flowers in March and April. Tall evergreen tree to 40 to 120 feet, with 2 - 4" phyllodes. SE Australia. Hardy to 15°, fast growing. Good shade or street tree in California. Valuable timber tree. The hard, dark wood takes a fine polish and is used for furniture, veneers, and by the aborigines for war shields. Bark yields tannin and was used by the aborigines to stupefy fish. Nick, 1 - 2 weeks.
—Acacia redolens prostrata. (25) ACAC-115. Packet: $2.50
'PROSTRATE ACACIA'. Sweet-scented grey-green foliage and yellow flower-balls in spring. Prostrate shrubby ground cover to 1 - 2 feet, and spreading to 15 feet wide. W. Australia. Good cover for banks. Zone 8. Nick seed to germinate.

ACCA Sellowiana: See Feijoa Sellowiana

COMPOSITAE. North temperate region perennials grown for their attractive flowers and often aromatic foliage. Easy in any soil and full sun, good in borders and rock gardens. Good for fresh or dried cut flowers, and if started early will bloom the first season. Hardy and easily grown favorites Some can be mown for a lawn substitute. Most kinds hardy to Zone 2 or 3. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks warm.
—Achillea clypeolata. (250) ACH-8. Packet: $3.00
Gram: $18.00
Bright golden-yellow flowers in dense 2 - 3" clusters in June to August. Hardy perennial to 20" or so, with silvery-grey foliage. S.E. Europe. Zone 4.
—Achillea Millefolium White. (10,000) ACH-20. Packet: $2.00
Ounce: $7.50, 1/4 Pound: $20.00 NEW PRICE
'YARROW', MILFOIL', 'THOUSAND SEAL', 'KWAYU'HAYIPSNL' (Chehalis Indian name meaning "squirrel-tail"). White 1/4" flowers in flat 2 - 6" clusters in June to September. Aromatic hardy perennial to 2 - 3 feet, with delicate feathery 8" leaves. North Hemisphere. Easily grown old-fashioned flower, giving lots of bloom for little care. Forms nice clumps with age. Good for sowing in meadows. Highly valued as medicine in all parts of the world where it grows, used for coughs, colds, aches and pains, to stop bleeding, childbirth medicine, bronchitis, and as a tonic. Girls would put it under their pillows to dream of future lovers. Was used as a tobacco substitute, for snuff, and in place of hops for brewing beer to make it more intoxicating. Contrary to popular belief, this is a native North American plant. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks warm.
—Achillea Millefolium 'Cassis'. (100) ACH-2OCS. Packet: $3.50
1/4 Gram: $15.00

Cherry-red flowers June to October, on a hardy perennial to 2 feet. Deep rich color. Germinates in a week.
—Achillea Millefolium 'Colorado'. (100) ACH-20C. Packet: $2.50
1/4 Gram: $12.00

Striking strain with flowers in shades of red, pink, apricot, yellow, pale yellow, beige, and an occasional white, May to October. Hardy perennial to 2 feet, with feathery leaves. Superior strain! Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Achillea Millefolium rubra. (500) ACH-20R. Packet: $2.50
1/4 Ounce: $7.50, Ounce: $15.00
'ROSY RED YARROW'. Nice deep reddish-pink flowers in flat 2 - 6" clusters in June to September. Hardy perennial to 1 - 2 feet, with delicate feathery leaves. North Hemisphere. An old-fashioned carefree favorite, good for naturalizing in meadows. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks warm.
—Achillea nana. (100) ACH-22. Packet: $2.50
Info and pictures in Italian: http://www.funghiitaliani.it/?showtopic=40657
Dwarf alpine to 2 - 6" tall. Small white flowers in dense clusters, and strongly aromatic, feathery grey woolly leaves. Alps. Zone 4. Medicinal. Germinates in 1 - 3 weeks.
—Achillea nobilis. (1000) ACH-23. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50

'NOBLE YARROW', 'GLACIER YARROW'. Creamy yellow flowers in summer on a hardy perennial to 20". Europe and S. Russia. Zone 5. Used for tea and for flavoring liqueurs.
—Achillea sibirica var. camtschatica 'Love Parade'. (100) ACH-76C. Packet: $3.00
Gram: $12.00
Soft pink 3/8" flowers in large umbels from June to September. Hardy perennial to 2 feet, with odd, attractive sword-shaped leaves, pinnately divided on the edges. Kamchatka. Zone 3. Good cut-flower and often blooms the first year. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

ACHLYS (AK-leez)
BERBERlDACEAE. Hardy woodland perennials.
—Achlys triphylla. (10) ACHL-2. Packet: $3.00
1/4 Ounce: $25.00
Click for photo » Achlys  triphylla.jpg (18684 bytes)
'VANILLA-LEAF', 'SWEET-LEAF', 'DEER-FOOT'. Dense spikes of tiny flowers held above the trifoliate fan-shaped leaves. Moist woods from B.C. to California. Zone 3. The sweetly fragrant leaves were highly valued by settlers, who hung bunches in their houses. Sow 1/4" deep in rich woodland soil, and keep moist. Slow to germinate.

"Man is the dream of a shadow."
—Pindar, 500 BC.

ACMELLA: See Spilanthes

SOLANACEAE. A single species.
NEW—Acnistus australis. (50) ACNI-44. Packet: $2.50
Click for photo » Acnistus australis 2.JPG (109900 bytes) Acnistus australis3.JPG (87591 bytes)

'BLUE ANGEL'S TRUMPET'. Abundant lilac-blue 1 1/2 - 3" long nodding trumpets in summer. Shrub to 10 feet or so, with downy oval leaves. Argentina. Best in Zone 8 or 9, but roots survive in Zone 7. Attracts hummingbirds. Germinates in 2 - 6 weeks.

ACONITUM (AK-o-ny-tum)
RANUNCULACEAE. Hardy herbaceous perennials and annuals valued for their showy summer to fall bloom. Though they stand full sun, they are at their best in part shade and cool, moist fertile soil in the back of the border. Divide roots in early spring or fall. Good for naturalizing in woodlands. Most are poisonous. Generally Zone 3 unless noted otherwise. Seed germinates best at cold temperatures—keep at 40°F for 3 months or more. Easy on damp paper towels in the refrigerator.
—Aconitum Carmichaelii. (=Aconitum wilsonii) (50) ACD-10. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $10.00
Click for photo » Aconitum wilsonii.jpg (115408 bytes)
Large violet-blue 1 1/2" flowers in long panicles in mid to late summer. Vigorous hardy perennial to 5 - 6 feet, with dark green 3 - 5 lobed leaves. Central China. Zone 3. Germinates in 10 - 20 weeks at 40°F.
—Aconitum columbianum. (100) ACD-9. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $7.50
'WESTERN MONKSHOOD'. Purple-blue inch-long helmet-shaped flowers on tall stems. Hardy perennial to 2 - 6 feet, with palmate leaves. Western N. America. Moist shady places. Germinates at 40°F.
—Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine'. (25) ACD-12R. Packet: $2.50

Deep wine-red flowers, August to September. Hardy scrambling or climbing perennial to 6 feet, with attractive foliage. China. Zone 4 or 5. Germinates at cold temperatures.
—Aconitum Napellus. (50) ACD-16. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $13.00, 5 grams: $46.00 NEW PRICE 5 gram unit OUT OF STOCK - packets and grams are still available
Click for photo » Aconitum napellus.jpg (201883 bytes)
'TRUE MONKSHOOD'. Intense dark purple-blue helmet-shaped 1 1/2" flowers in dense 8" racemes in July and August. Hardy perennial to about 3 feet, with palmately divided leaves. Europe and N. America. The extremely poisonous roots were used as an arrow poison and medicinally. Germinates in 2 - 6 months cold.
—Aconitum variegatum. (50) ACD-24. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $10.00
Large violet-blue 1 - 2" flowers often spotted white, in open clusters in summer. Hardy perennial to 3 - 5 feet. SE Europe. Zone 3. Prechill seed.
—Aconitum Vulparia. (=Aconitum lycoctonum) (25) ACD-36. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $12.00, 5 grams: $40.00 NEW PRICE
Pale yellow 3/4" flowers in open clusters. Hardy perennial to 3 feet, with large rounded basal leaves. Central Europe. Zone 3. Best with 2 weeks warm, then move to cold to germinate in 1 - 5 months at cold.

ADENOPHORA (a-de-NO-for-a)
CAMPANULACEAE. Hardy Eurasian perennials like Campanula, and as easily grown. Best in light well drained soil. Most germinate in 3 - 6 weeks at cool to warm temperatures.
—Adenophora lilifolia. (50) ADEN-26. Packet: $2.50
'LADYBELLS'. Sweet-scented light blue 1/2" wide bell-shaped nodding flowers borne profusely in summer. Very hardy perennial to 1 1/2 - 3 feet, with round, heart-shaped basal leaves. Eurasia. Zone 2. Cultivated in Japan for the thick, edible roots. Germinates in 2 weeks.

ADLUMIA (ad-LU-mee-a)
FUMARIACEAE. A single species.
—Adlumia fungosa. (25) ADLU-4. Packet: $2.50
'ALLEGHANY VINE'. Clusters of purplish-pink to white 1/2" Dicentra-like flowers in July to September. Clambering biennial vine to 16 feet or more, with fern-like blue-green foliage. Cool shady places, E. U.S. and perhaps Korea. Zone 5. Give 6 - 8 weeks warm, then 6 - 8 weeks cold, and hold pots for 2 years if there is no germination.

AGAPANTHUS (ag-a-PAN-thus)
LILIACEAE. Beautiful South African perennials grown outdoors in warm regions, or in pots or tubs in the North. Easily grown and drought resistant. Hardy to Zone 8. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks at warm temperatures.
—Agapanthus orientalis 'Storm Cloud'. (25) AGAP-7S. Packet: $2.50
5 grams: $15.00

Dark bluish purple flowers in large clusters on 3 - 4 foot stems. Intense color, hardy to Zone 7 or so. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.
—Agapanthus praecox 'Getty White'. (50) AGAP-10G. Packet: $2.50
5 grams: $10.00

Large white flowers in umbels, May to August. Compact perennial to 2 feet, with strap-like leaves. Zone 8. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks warm.

AGASTACHE (a-ga-STA-che)
LABIATAE. Delightful aromatic perennials from Asia and North America, with spikes of flowers much like Salvia. Easily grown.
—Agastache aurantiaca. (50) AGAS-1. Packet: $3.00
'ORANGE HUMMINGBIRD MINT'. Bright orange tubular flowers in spikes, late summer. Aromatic silvery grey foliage. Shrubby to 30". S. U.S., México. Zone 7. Attracts hummingbirds. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Agastache aurantiaca 'Fragrant Delight'. (50) AGAS-1F. Packet: $3.00

'HUMMINGBIRD MINT'. The whole plant is sweetly fragrant. Tender perennial to 2 feet, with spikes of flowers in apricot, yellow, raspberry, and lilac. Attracts beneficial insects and hummingbirds. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Agastache canariensis. (100) AGAS-2. Packet: $2.50
Click for photo » Agastache canariensis 2.jpg (35543 bytes) Agastache canariensis 1.jpg (122002 bytes)

'CANARY ISLAND AGASTACHE'. Pale rose flowers on a minty-scented perennial to 2 feet. Canary Islands. Surface sow, needs light, germinates in 8 - 12 weeks.
—Agastache nepetoides. (1000) AGAS-8. Packet: $2.50
Gram: $6.00
'YELLOW GIANT-HYSSOP'. Yellow-green flowers in dense 5" spikes. Hardy perennial to 6 feet, with catnip-like leaves. Central and E. U.S. Bee plant. Germinates in 10 - 20 days. Light, cold or GA-3 may increase the percentage.
—Agastache rugosa. (1000) AGAS-12. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $10.00

'KOREAN MINT'. Whole plant highly anise scented and flavored. Hardy bushy perennial to 3 - 4 feet, with spikes of purple-violet flowers and 2" leaves. Korea to Vietnam. Easy from seed, and thrives in the temperate U.S. Sunny places. Zone 4 or 5. Fresh or dried it makes an excellent tea, which was used in China as a mouthwash and hangover remedy. Also good for seasoning meat and other dishes. Fresh leaves good on sandwiches. Good cut flowers and an excellent bee plant. Fresh seed dormant, needs cold or GA-3, aged seed germinates in 2 - 3 weeks. "Another one to sow thinly due to very high germination, with slightly spicier and more exotic scent than traditional Anise Hyssop."—C. Malanowski, South Carolina, 6/2001.
NEW—Agastache rugosa 'Golden Jubilee'. (50) AGAS-12G. Packet: $2.50

Attractive golden leaves and short purple spikes of flowers. Perennial to 20". Nice. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Agastache rupestris. (25) AGAS-21. Packet: $2.50
'SUNSET HYSSOP', 'LICORICE MINT'. Orange inch-long flowers with lavender calyces, in summer. Very sweetly aromatic foliage—grey-green narrow leaves with a feathery effect. Perennial to 2 - 3 feet. SW U.S. to México. Good in hot dry areas. Said to stand to Zone 5 if well-drained. The deliciously-scented foliage is used as a tea. Germinates in 1 - 3 weeks.
—Agastache urticifolia. (500) AGAS-28. Packet: $2.50
1/4 Ounce: $7.50

'GIANT HYSSOP'. Violet to rose 1/2" flowers in 2 - 6" spikes. Hardy perennial to 6 feet. W U.S. Zone 4. Used for tea and the seeds were eaten. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

AGRIMONIA (ag-ri-MOE-nee-a)
ROSACEAE. 'AGRIMONY' Hardy perennial herbs with racemes of small yellow flowers. Grown for ornament and the fragrant medicinal leaves, which are a popular spring tea. Good in the shade.
—Agrimonia Eupatoria. (25) AGRI-4. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $10.00
'AGRIMONY'. Golden-yellow apricot-scented flowers in dense, slender spikes. Deep green pinnate aromatic foliage. Hardy perennial to 3 - 5 feet. Europe. Zone 3. The fragrant leaves are used as a tea, and it produces a yellow dye. Prechill seed 8 weeks to germinate in 1 - 10 weeks at cool temperatures.
—Agrimonia procera. (=odorata) (25) AGRI-20. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $7.50

'SWEET-SCENTED AGRIMONY'. Bright yellow five-petaled flowers in slender dense spikes. Hardy perennial to 3 feet with narrow, pinnate leaves. Europe. The whole plant is sweet scented and the flowers have a spicy scent like apricots, and for this reason it is a popular tea in France. Was much used as a medicinal tonic, diuretic, and febrifuge for many complaints. Yields a nankeen dye.

CARYOPHYLLACEAE. Two showy annuals.
—Agrostemma Githago. (100) AGRS-4. Packet: $2.50 EU ORGANIC
10 grams: $9.50 EU ORGANIC
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'CORN COCKLE'. Large magenta-red to purple 2" wide flowers with darker veins, carried on graceful, willowy stems. Showy and easily grown hardy annual to 2 - 3 feet, with narrow, greyish 4 - 5" leaves. Europe. The flowers have a striking, downy, five-pointed calyx. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

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