Statement of Non-Transgenic Seed Distribution, and other information for organic growers:

Transgenics :
We do not distribute any lab-transgenic seeds. To the best of our knowledge, no contamination of our seeds with wind- or pollinator-borne transgenes has occurred. Lab-transgenic = Lab-produced transgenic plants, also called GMOs (genetically-modified organisms), or GEs (genetically-engineered organisms).

Note: We encourage the use of the term "lab-transgenics", or "transgenics" instead of GMOs (genetically-modified organism). The term GMO is misleading, and was deliberately coined by the producers of transgenic plants in order that once it became widely used, they could claim that "all crops are genetically-modified, since farmers have been modifying plants and animals for thousands of years". This was a deliberate act of propaganda war designed to confuse the public and blur the distinction between laboratory-produced transgenic organisms, and conventionally-bred plants and animals.

Note: In nature the transfer of genes between unrelated species does occur, and this is being recognized as one of the processes of evolution. While this is completely natural, it does not change arguments against laboratory-produced transgenics. I encourage those who oppose lab-transgenics to refrain from making the argument that they are "unnatural", as this is a weak argument. Instead, focus on the increased use of herbicides resulting from herbicide-resistant transgenics, or the use of antibiotic-resistance genes as markers which may increase the rate at which our limited pool of antibiotics become useless, or the problems of allergenic proteins - for example, if an allergenic nut protein is inserted into another crop, those allergic may unknowingly be exposed, or the dangerous practice of inserting genes that produce pharmaceuticals into common food plants, which could spread beyond the production area, or the harmful economic effects that transgenic crops may have on small farmers. There are many legitimate reasons to oppose the reckless production and spread of transgenic crops that have nothing to do with the "naturalness" or even the "safety" of these crops.

Pesticide treatments:
We do not treat our seeds with chemical pesticides. A few types of seed of wild plants (those that are highly subject to seed-weevils) are received each year that have been unavoidably treated with pesticide, and these are clearly labeled in the catalog, on the website, and on every package. They are physically segregated in impervious containers, and so cannot contaminate other seeds.

Organically-produced seeds:
All certified organically-produced seeds are clearly labeled as such on the website. There are various organic certification agencies, and we try to include which agency has certified the seed, whether CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmer's Association), OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic), EU (European Union Organic Certification).

Gibberellic Acid Priming:
Some seeds are primed with Gibberellic Acid-3 (GA-3), a plant growth regulator that is a completely natural extract of a naturally-occurring fungus. GA-3 is not a pesticide, fungicide, or herbicide, and is non-toxic. These seeds are clearly identified in the catalog, on the website, and on every package. Gibberellic acid is approved for use in organic production.

Patented Plants:
We do not distribute any seeds restricted by patents or other intellectual property. All seeds are in the public domain and may be freely propagated and distributed. Convention on Biological Diversity restrictions may apply to some Reserved Access seeds, but we interpret these to consist of voluntary benefit-sharing as long as no intellectual property claims are made.

F-1 Hybrid Seed:
We do not distribute F-1 hybrids. You may save seed, and with ordinary precautions, it will come true to type.